Significant lack of training offerings: ROTES research findings attest to need for more training opportunities

Following the research conducted during the first steps of the ROTES project, the partners are sharing their findings. Below, you may take a look at the results of the research conducted by means of a questionnaire.

Barriers to specialized training

The most prevalent reason that keeps workers from receiving specialised training is by far the lack of appropriate training offerings on the topic of green roofing (56%).

A considerable part of the respondents have declared that the lack of training offerings that are flexible and convenient in their delivery on the above-mentioned topic is a significant barrier (27%). On the issue of availability and/or type of delivery of the training offerings, 15% of respondents have shared that their employees or they, as employees, are too busy to undertake any training and development.

Only a very small part of the respondents (2%) have raised the issue of the cost of training offerings being too expensive, thus deterring enrollment.

Barriers to providing specialized training for green roof construction to the workforce.

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