ROTES seeks to increase the supply, quality & relevance of vocational training for roofers with the aim to address the evolving labour market needs and the emerging occupational skills needs & mismatches, resulting from the rapid greening & digitalization of the roofing sector.


ROTES will bring added value to roofing education by creating a curriculum that will cover the entire spectrum of skills &
competencies required to work on green roof systems in conditions of increased safety (content innovation).

The curriculum will be suitable for integration in formal VET (incl. apprenticeships), non-formal on-the-job training WBL provision but also for self-directed training.

Multiplier Events

The project foresees to organise a Multiplier Event (Info-Day) in each of the partners’ countries in the year 2024 as to promote project results, showcase the attractive career opportunities in the field & kick-start reskilling initiatives in project countries.

Information days will be addressed to:

  • Local roofers and roofing apprentices
  • Formal/informal training providers
  • I-VET Students
  • Individual learners (with fewer opportunities)
  • Roofing/construction companies
  • Professional unions, and employers’ associations
  • VET authorities and Qualification agencies
  • Civic, non-governmental organisations
  • Public administrators